Sustainable Practices

Inspired by the natural world around us, we have endeavored to be as responsible and environmentally sensitive in the operations of the Village as possible.

We are not an “eco-resort,” per se, because the sacrifice required on the part of our guests to achieve this status (i.e. lights out by 11pm, no computer charging during the day, and no fans allowed at night) makes such labeling impractical for our guests. Instead, we stand by a deeper-rooted philosophy to do as much as we can while maintaining a level of service and luxury our guests expect. We produce about 2 large garbage bags of trash per day, but we limit the use of disposable materials where possible. We live on the grid, and use power from non-renewable sources, but about 25% of our energy usage is powered by wind turbines. To help offset this ongoing operational footprint and the damage we caused to the land through the construction of the Village, we have undertaken a few eco-inspired & community-minded initiatives, described here.

Walking around the property you’ll notice 20-25 water spigots next to each of the cottages, cabanas and casitas. These spigots are connected to our grey water septic system, which produces between 1500-2500 liters of recycled water a day through a complex filtration system. To keep the system working at its best and to keep the water tables deep in the ground topped up, it’s best to use 100% of this water daily, which is why its common to sometimes see the spigots or hoses left running for 20-25 minutes at a time.
The water produced for this system is safe for use on plants, but we strongly recommend not using this water to wash hands or feet. While we are still working on finishing the landscaping, eventually this system will help us keep green and lush gardens 12 months a year. This will help keep the landscape beautiful, the plants full of fruit, and the soil strong and resistant against erosion.