Upcoming Retreats & Happenings

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H I G H L A N D   Y O G A

J U L Y | 21 - 26

Find your perfect balance between strength and ease on a summer getaway with Highland Yoga's owner, Elspeth, and lead instructor, Caron. This six day, five night retreat will allow you to unplug from the business of your daily life and simply reconnect to yourself and nature. You'll start your days with guided meditation and powerful vinyasa flow then spend your free time exploring - whether that's relaxing on the beach, surfing, or spending time at the spa.

Evening yoga classes will also be offered, including restorative and deep stretch options to help you unwind. All activities are optional, and you're encouraged to honor your mind, body, and spirit so you can leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Website: www.highland-yoga.com/retreats
Contact email: elsie@highland-yoga.com




R  +  R   R E T R E A T S

J U L Y | 6 - 11

RXR Retreats presents another "Not your Average" retreat. Combining the soft and soulful energy of one of our Halifax studios with the strength and sass of our other studio, we introduce a retreat designed for those looking for both a mental and physical shift.

Every day will consist of soulful and intentional yoga classes as well as daily strength and sculpting classes to find your inner powerhouse. Our instructors are trained in a variety of movement facilitation to offer a diverse and expansive range of ways to elevate the body and the mind.

Website: riopilatesyogastudio.ca/
Contact email: whatsrockin@riopilatesyogastudio.ca


G Y P S E T   Y O G A

J A N   2 0 1 9  | 19 - 26

Looking for a week of wellness with the right amount of adventure? A retreat with GYPSET Yoga at Maderas Village will not disappoint. Revitalize yourself in daily yoga and fitness classes with long-time yogis and wellness instructors, Melissa Schoeller and Laurel Van Matre, who each have 20+ years of teaching experience. In addition to a daily class schedule to choose from, you will have the option to take surf lessons, go horseback riding, get a massage or just take a trip into town to shop and hang-out.

Reserve your spot and let Melissa and Laurel coordinate the details so you can design your dream vacation in a tropical location!

Website: www.yogagardenmpls.com
Contact email: laurel@yogagardenmpls.com & mjschoeller@gmail.com