Stay With Us

Our vision was to create spaces that would facilitate meaningful connections between guests of the Village, while celebrating the surrounding nature.


PenthousePrivate floor (one [king] bed, sleeps 1-2):$200/night

Designed to be the ultimate showcase of paradise, the Penthouse is situated in the original Maderas Village property structure and features unparalleled views of the Pacific and the rest of the Village at large. A favorite spot to check which way the surf is breaking, the suite comprises a full private level including bench seating, an infinity terrace, a rooftop garden, and a spacious, open bedroom (225 ft2) with an en suite washroom.

Food and Drink

Free from distractions and the constraints of daily schedules, meals here give us a chance to slow down and enjoy the fresh tastes and local flavours of Nicaragua. Our menu is in constant evolution, with each dish or drink designed with one goal: to allow us all to eat and drink here every day and still look forward to the next meal and enjoy ever cocktail. To ensure this level of quality, we only buy the best of what’s in season and available from local farms and markets. Occasionally, this leads to items being unavailable, but we prefer to serve only that which is the freshest and best tasting

We serve Breakfast and Lunch a la carte. Breakfast is available all day, and lunch is available between 11:30am – 4:30pm. Dinner is served family-style each evening between 7.45pm – 8.00pm, depending on the size of the group and complexity of the meal.

*all room prices affective as of 01 November 2016



“Everything in the village was built to assimilate into the natural landscape, so we could see the beach from where we were, but if the surfers looked up the paloppa rooftops blended in and were invisible.”

Our main lobby doubles as our restaurant and communal bar, which is designed to seat 40 comfortably. Music and an ever-changing reading library, as well as spot-on WiFi access


The Village enjoys an unbelievably tranquil open-air yoga studio. Typically, group sessions are offered at a minimum of three times a week, with more available during high and busy seasons. Private sessions can be arranged upon request.

The Common Areas spread across the three Casa structures include Yoga Studio (Casa 1), Meditation Space (Casa 1), Shared Work Space (Casa 2), Screening Room (Casa 2), Reading Room (Casa 3) and Massage and Artist Studio (Casa 3) .


Located just off the main lobby, the Maderas Village Supply Shop has a few knick-knacks and trinkets from the Maderas Collective line of accessories, jewelry, and surf supplies.